• Extel 2018

    In Extel’s 2018 research poll, EFG Hermes ranked #1 in Frontier Research, the first time a MENA-based investment bank has received the top spot. In addition, EFG Hermes came #2 in MENA and dominated the regional analyst rankings, with nine of the firm’s analysts ranking in the top 20 – with four of them in the top ten.
  • The Year Ahead: Finding the right fit in 2018

    "The Year Ahead" for MENA and frontier markets, 2018, highlights our top country, sector and stock picks from our coverage of 229 stocks across 14 markets. While the rise of index-tracking strategies looks unstoppable in developed and major emerging markets, we think there is a strong case to be made for fundamental research for investors in MENA and smaller emerging and frontier markets.

Periodical Reports


    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Research portal. In addition to the new design and layout, functionality has been greatly enhanced to ensure smoother and user-friendly browsing experience that allows you to navigate our award-winning Research reports via an optimised navigation structure.

Leading Research Capabilities

Our research effort brings together the perspectives of a diverse range of expert analysts—from fundamental and quantitative to economic and strategy. Their common focus is identifying opportunities and delivering better investment solutions and results for our clients.
  • Sector Expertise

    Sector Expertise

    Our analysts have in-depth sector experience, thanks to a wealth of corporate and industry-specific experience. We believe this enables our analysts to offer our clients ‘real views’ on the industry and gives our clients value-added investment ideas and research.
  • Quantitative Model

    Quantitative Model

    Our quantitative models are highly sophisticated, and while they are exceptionally in-depth, we have made them concise and easy to understand for our clients. We believe our quantitative models are one of the main reasons we consistently outperform, in terms of client expectations.
  •   Macroeconomic Insights

    Macroeconomic Insights

    Our award-winning macroeconomics team will bring you the latest economic news from around the region and highlight the impact from regional, sectoral, and company perspectives. The team focuses on adding fresh insights, complemented by our on-the-ground presence.
  • MENA & Frontier Strategies

    MENA & Frontier Strategies

    Our strategy team is focused on a top-down view of MENA and Frontier strategies, targeting investment ideas and trades that we believe will help our clients outperform. Our MENA top 20 list has consistently outperformed the market since inception.



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